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Mature content
You're Special|Transformers x Reader|Chapter 1 :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 34 8
TF2: SoldierxFem!Reader - Morning Fluff
You walk silently across the tiled floor of the hallway, doing your best not to wake anyone up as you stopped outside one of the many doors flanking the hall and carefully eased it open and slipped inside. You let the door shut softly behind you as you tiptoed into the room, heading for the sleeping figure wrapped up in bed.
You get close and you gently shake the figure awake.
“Solly, honey. It's time to get up,” you whisper to him as you continue your attempt to rouse him. The man bundled in his sheets muttered sleepily and he opened his soft brown eyes groggily. You smile at him and stroke his unusually long hair from his face. “Good Morning,” you smile, watching him come to and a sleepy smile creeps upon his face.
He sighs.
“Five more minutes,” he says as his eyes flutter closed. You laugh.
“No. Up.” You command him playfully sitting down on the bed beside him. The Soldier whined, a noise that you were used to hearing when you woke him
:iconladycrystalline:LadyCrystalline 146 15
Daddy! Soldier x Mommy! Reader
 The alarm clock blared loudly, blinking 6am in bright Red letters. You reached over and shut it off quickly, making a low thump Echo through the bedroom. You rolled over to shake Rick* awake, only to find empty sheets. You weren't surprised however, you had figured that this would happen.
  You see, today was a very important day for your small family. Your daughter, (D/N) , was starting her first day of highschool. She was a VERY intelligent girl and had graduated from middle school at the top of her class.
   So it was no surprise that she was going to the very best high school in Chicago*. She had even been personally invited by the school's principal!  Needless to say the two of you were insanely proud of her!!
   You slipped out of bed and dressed yourself quickly and started down the hall towards your son’s room to wake him for his first day of sixth grade.
  As you passed (D/N) room  you heard Rick talking in a low reassuring t
:iconsongofthestorm:Songofthestorm 41 2
Demoman x Reader (Dinner with the In-Law)
“Tavish~” (y/n) giggled, half-heartedly trying to escape her husband's embrace.
“Aye, hen?” he chuckled, holding her tighter around the middle and nipping at her neck.
(Y/n) grinned and managed to turn around and face her cyclops of a husband.
“Have you been drinking?” she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave his lips a peck. He didnt taste like alcohol but that doesn't mean he didn't have any.
“Nae, ah huvnae. Aam jist canty coz mah maw is comin' ower fur tatties an' neebs wit me and mah guidwife.”
She shook her head slightly, she were only just getting used to his jargon but she was still no where near being able to translate most of it.
“In English, darling?” (y/n) pecked his nose, messing with his short, fuzzy hair.
“Me mum's comin' ta dinner, (y/n).” Tavish smiled, taking your hand and kissing the palm.
She paled a bit. That woman didn't like her one bit, she was so rude to her on her and Tavish's wedding
:iconteddypow:TeddyPow 6 1
Team Fortress Romantic Lines
Team Fortress 2 Romantic Lines:
Spy: "Your love 'as conquered me. Now I belong to you. I am your property so take care of me, mon cherie."
Sniper: "Nobody teaches a baby to crawl, nobody teaches birds to fly, nobody teaches the sun to rise and nobody teaches the fish to swim; the same is with me, nobody teaches me to love you, oi just do."
Medic: "Vhen you feel alone, just look at the spaces between you fingers, und remember that's vhere my fingers fit perfectly."
Scout: "My name is I
My problem is LOVE
My solution is YOU."
Soldier: "
I'm not rich, but I have a wealthy heart.
I'm not the best, but I try my best.
I'm not always right, but I know I'm not wrong for saying I love you."
Heavy: "It's not that I am afraid to die, it's that if I die, I'm afraid that no one will love you the way I do."
Demoman: "It's magic each time we hold each other, each time we cuddle, and each time we kiss. I feel goosebumps all over again. I never want to let you go for fear of losing you, so I just hold
:iconwolfprincess94:WolfPrincess94 206 31
MedicXReader: Sneaky Sexy Doctor 2 (Love Shot)
I slowly peek around the corner, my lungs barely taking in air, I’m trying to be as still and quiet as possible in order to stay hidden. You see, I have a somewhat weak immune system and that means Medic constantly rags at me with medicine and things like that. Well, it’s almost winter and Medic is giving everyone immunizations, needles are scary, need I say more? I get down on all fours as I slowly crawl past the main hallway, hoping and praying that I don’t get spotted. I can hear faint voices coming from a little further up ahead; I stop and listen, before realizing that the voices belong to Demoman and Engie, they shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I should still be careful so as to not be spotted, they could easily turn me into Medic for a couple dollars or something.
I crawl past quietly and then get half way up, still in a crouching position I take another look around, Heavy is guarding the entrance, beautiful. “Crap…” I whisper as
:iconwolfprincess94:WolfPrincess94 303 54
Flak-TF2 and Reader
TF2 & Reader
   I didn’t know what I had done wrong, but within the beginning part of training I had Soldier screaming me in the face.
“You really call that a sit-up _______?! I’ve seen men with their guts hanging out who could do better then you!”
“Sorry sir…” I hung my head like usual.
“Shut it with the bull crap. It won’t work this time.”
   All the new trainees were out for morning exercise, so we were doing basic things like push-ups and stretching for the twenty laps, nothing special. Yet it seemed like I had screwed up, and he picked me out of the pack to berate till my ears fell off. It earned me another two hours of practice, out in the burning heat as the sun turned me three shades darker.
“Now get your ass inside and prepare for you next shift with Demo and Sniper.” He spit at me, as I stumbled slightly into the Fort. Sweat was collecting on my shoulders and rolling about like bo
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 82 34
Mature content
Lost Soldiers [Part 1] - TF2 Reader Insert :iconinschadenfreude:InSchadenfreude 11 5
TF2: Get off me! by Bielek TF2: Get off me! :iconbielek:Bielek 91 29 TF2: Prepare for your examination by Bielek TF2: Prepare for your examination :iconbielek:Bielek 173 49
Engie X Reader - Part 1 (fluff)
Engie X Reader
“Morning Light”
*8 years old*
You woke up with the sun light warming your eyes, you still weren’t ready to get up so you hugged your favorite self-made teddy bear and rolled over the bed to the side without light.
As your eyes closed you heard the door creaking but you didn’t bothered looking at it, it probably was only the wind, so you stretched feeling the fresh sheet on your skin with a warm wind coming out of your window.
Getting confortable again you hugged your huge pillow along with the plushy and started slowly giving in to sleep when….from nowhere.
“WUAAAAAAHHH…..SHINE GET OUT” – Your black cat jumped on you patting your cheast with her paws.
She was looking at you with her creepy yellow eyes.
“Fine…I’ll get up…you silly kitty.” – You lifted Shine over you and brought her down making her forehead touch yours while you kissed he
:icontfresistance:TFresistance 75 27
Team Fortress 2 X Reader Pt1
Sign her up....
(Name) were crouching down a dirt road, behind large bushes and leafy vegetation....You were tracking a taken endangered species of wolf by black markets men in the deep jungles of South America. And this type of wolf was on the top list of being shot and skinned for it's strange but beautiful coat but also stolen as to become someone's pet.... 
It was sickening to you...Why in the world would would anyone want to kill or take away the very being in a wild animal? you huffed in confusion but a hint of sadness "I guess that greed of money and and Pride of one's self has made the world a bit dimmer than before..." you whispered to yourself.
Then you heard the sounds of a car rumbling down the dirt road you were on, you then ducked lower into the green vegetation blending into the jungle. The car went past you in a fast speed but you could tell just from a glimpse of a large looking fox in a cage in the truck.
As it dived a bit farther away from you looked down
:icongrierwolf:grierwolf 26 15
Beach Craziness-TF2 X Reader
Beach Craziness
TF2 X Reader
Mild cursing, cause I hate it when it's layered everywhere!
“Umm…..Sol, what are you doing?”
   My eyes could not go any wider, watching as Soldier ran yelling as he gave chase to a seagull squealing loudly. The poor rat with wings was barley able to escape the man’s brutality, flying as fast as he could as Sol ran a few more paces before watching in scorn as it escaped. He then proceeded to pull out his gun and pop a bullet at it, missing by inches.
“Soldier, you can’t shoot on public beaches!” Medic exclaimed, trying to pry the weapon out of the buffer man’s grip. Good thing we were the only group out today on this secluded beach. “Especially not at the wildlife.”
“God damn thing got ahold of my sandwich and nearly made off with it.”
“But that doesn’t mean you can go killing the creature!”
   I cackled on the inside. Poor Sol and his sandwich. At
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 331 113
Black and White- TF2 X Reader
Black and White
TF2 X Reader
   The fire in the fireplace and the twinkling Christmas lights did little to lighten the mood around the playing table, a few sighs shared and disheartened looks falling onto the worn wood. Everyone was like this, since the Administrator didn’t release us from this hellhole for the holidays and no one was permitted to leave the base, not even to go to town for drinking away the pain.
  Instead, we were meant to sit around and do nothing, not even fight since the snowstorm hit a few days earlier and prevented us from releasing our stresses. The only good thing was the generators kept the power up, thanks to Engineer’s brilliance in mechanics. But even that did little to lift the dark spirits in us.
“I hate life.” Scout exclaimed quietly, slumped into his arms.
“I agree completely.” Sniper said, almost falling out of his chair from slouching.
“Aye. Here too.” Spy and Medic conferre
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 319 50
Eyes (Engineer x Reader)
        Free days were hard to come by in the mercenary business. But a free day came like a miracle to the RED team. You normally spent your free time pouring over books, making plans, baking with Pyro, or gathering intel. And when you made plans, you spent the afternoon with Engineer. You two had an odd way of doing things. You would sit in his workshop and read while the man would work on his inventions. There would be an occasional chat, a "have you read this yet?" or "Hand me that wrench please," then a "Goodbye, Engie." "Bye, Darlin'." This time, when you took your rightful place in the chair next to him, things went a little differently. 
        You watched him work over the top of your book. Luckily, he was fully focused on his invention, so your piercing stare remained unnoticed. Engineer was dressed casually, not at all what you'd normally seen during battles. He wore dirty coveralls with the top part tied at the waist, and a plai
:iconfox-zombie1022:Fox-Zombie1022 170 44
Break (EngiexReader)
Lightning flashed, briefly bathing the hallway in bright light. It was quickly followed by thunder so loud it sounded like a bomb going off. You grimaced at the noise. You glanced out the window at the rain soaked fort. It'd been raining for two days now in the desert, which meant flooding and a strange two-day 'vacation' from fighting. The team was utterly confused with this and had no idea how to spend their newly found free time. You took this time to catch up on your work, which you'd somehow managed to finish in one day. Now, however, you had nothing to do. So with book in hand, you made her way for Engineer's workshop.
       Upon your arrival, you was met at the door with muttered curses and the sound of short circuiting wires. Peeking into the workshop, you let a knowing smile spread briefly on your face. Engie was rushing from one invention to the next, pulling wires and tripping over spare parts. Engie hated this type of weather, and for good reason. The l
:iconfox-zombie1022:Fox-Zombie1022 107 41



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